Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Path to Self - Realisation

Path to Self - realisation is different and distinct one and leads us close to the Nature and Creation. It can only be achieved through purity of heart and self less service to all ... encompassing all ... humans ... animals ... plants ... animate ... inanimate ...

The Sufi cult of Islam is akin to Mysticism or Aryan Vedantism of  Hindus. In Greek, Sufi is one who is enlightened.

Sufis feel and believe that  -

- God exists in all and all exist in God.
- Religion is only a way of life; it does not necessarily lead to Nirvana.
- All happenings take place as per the will of God; nothing happens if He does not  ordain it.
- The soul is distinct from the physical body and will merge into Divine Reality  according to a person's deeds.
- It is the Guru whose grace shows the way and leads to union with God.


"Jaise til mein tael hai, jyon chakmak mein aag
tera saayeen tujhe mein hai, tu jaag sake toh jaag.

Saayeen itna deejiye, jahan mein jag samaye
mein bhi na bhuka rahoon, sadhu bhi na bhuka jaye."

- Sant Kabir

On the same plane, Bulleh Shah's search for truth led him to the spiritual path. And it is when he started enjoying the beauty of truth that his emotional exuberance drove him to Sufism : singing, dancing and finding expression in verse.

Why must I go to Kaaba
When longs my heart for Takht Hazara?
People pay their homage to Kaaba,
I bow before my Dhido Ranjha.


Says Bulleh, arriving at God's house,
He asked our account.
Rejecting the pandit and the priest,
He approved the mentally unsound.

Below is the double dose of ecstasy and trance - Abida Parveen singing Bulleh Shah ...

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